Why don`t you also benefit from blockchain technology?

Today, the rapid change and development of technologies causes all systems to be manipulated and makes it vulnerable to attack. Providing a great advantage with blockchain technology Thanks to “Bitranium” “BugSpace” and “Bitracoin” that aim to save you from these negative burdens aims.


We are rebuilding a utopian world with a real world.

We Want to Build a Utopian World.

We want to fulfill a dream and overcome fears. Companies will be able to get rid of the hacker communities they fear most thanks to “BugSpace”.

Companies will have more confidence in the experts they support.

No Remaining Anonymous in This Utopian World.

Companies will get to know and trust the experts they get help from more with KYC.

Experts' earnings are secured, double-sided.

Is This Utopian World One-sided?

The earnings of the experts who make an agreement with the companies are “BugSpace” from the moment the agreement is made. are kept under warranty. Instant account transfers after delivery and confirmation happens.

Make payment easier with less expense in your transactions.

Is it Expensive to live in this Utopia?

More than trades using tools from the Bitranium ecosystem at a commission rate of 001% save more.

Decentralized Developer Community

Join the Developer Community and Contribute to Developing This Ecosystem.

Contribute to the ecosystem by playing the role of a developer and get rewarded by the community. Bitranium interacts with the community by making almost all its structure open source It aims to benefit developers. Whether you develop your own project or Contribute to the Bitranium ecosystem.

Our Projects

Bitra Token

Faster, Easy, Secure and Nearly Costless, Decentralized Financial Transactions.
Bitra Token aims to offer a wide range of financial transactions thanks to BSC blockchain technology, It has been developed for safe, traceable, faster and easier transactions with its infrastructure. Thanks to its smart contracts, it is compatible with all areas from contracts to payments and all over the world. valid.


Security Infrastructure of the Digitalized World.
The BugSpace platform is a gathering of cybersecurity experts from all over the world. to everyone in need, whether individually or institutionally, in line with their abilities. A company that aims to provide security services with ease, accessibility and low costs. error-reward platform.

Bitra APP

The First Step to the Renewed Ecosystem.
With Bitra App, you can both get involved in the ecosystem and win prizes while having fun. Interact with the community and increase your earnings quotient.


A World Independent of Time and Space.
Real transactions in the virtual universe of the technology world.
Metaverse (Virtual Universe, Beyond) the concept of time and space, living 24/7, It is a constantly renewing and developing world. Bitranium Technology, participation from all over the world By offering products compatible with this developing technology, thanks to its expert developer community that provides contributes to the development of the metaverse. Moreover; following this technology closely. develops its own metaverse ecosystem.

NFT ( non fungible token ) Market

One-of-a-kind Works.
Another advantage offered by blockchain technologies is NFTs, which require validation. of the digital world in the form of documents, artworks, and custom-made products. take their place in our lives and in the economic system as opportunities. Thanks to NFTs new business models and a new understanding of art have emerged, and in this way, in many fields costs have been significantly reduced. Bitranium develops the NFT market infrastructure included in its ecosystem.

Bitra Token

Bitranium Technology continues on its way with the projects it has developed. These projects and If you want to get information about utopia and examine the BitraToken project, click here.


Itopic World
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