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Turkey's diverse and advanced Blockchain BitraCoin.

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Start Earning

Start earning both individually and corporate!


Earn 2 BitraCoins per day by engraving with BitraCoin technology.


Lock your BitraCoins in the BitraWallet and earn 3-10% monthly reward.


Get more BitraCoins by inviting your friends.


Bitranium has chosen the REAL BENEFIT POLICY by sharing the gains from technology with its users in order to further develop the Blockchain ecosystem and to provide real benefit to our users who participate both locally and globally.


To secure users' assets with a reward share of 3-10% to protect against volatile market conditions.


Scholarships and Applied Internships up to 5000 TL per month to bring the youth of our country, who are interested in the field of Blockchain and DeFi, to the ecosystem.


Supporting scientific research, both physically and financially, in order to further develop the Blockchain and DeFi Ecosystem.

Revolutionary Technological Solutions for Public Institutions, Businesses and Individuals.

With Bitranium Technology, Finance, Law, Tax System, All Transactions Requiring Approval (Title Deed, Notary, etc.), Education, Health, Sales Marketing, Daily Shopping, E-Commerce, Production, Industry, Agriculture, Food, Fun, Tourism, You can now do your operational work in all areas such as Art, Sports, Media and Content Distribution faster, safer and cheaper.

So How?


The change has already begun. Thanks to blockchain technology, there will be a more livable world and happier people.

Crypto Asset Storage

Thanks to Bitranium Teknoloji, you can safely store all your crypto coins and use them whenever you want..

Free Financial Transactions

With Bitranium Wallet Technology, send and receive all your crypto assets to the wallets you want for free at lightning speed.

Women's Technology Club

With the Women's Technology Club growing day by day, we know that the work we will do will be more wonderful.

Join the Community

Contribute to the development of a freer and more peaceful world with happier people.

We are Healing the World

We strive for a cleaner, more livable and happier people on our planet.


In our Bitranium project, we do not only include blockchain events, but also carry out social responsibility projects.

News and Statistics

BitraPay is with you in every aspect of life

In your daily life, you can easily make payments for all your purchases thanks to BitraPay.

Instant Change

Make instant payments with 10 world-renowned cryptocurrencies and BitCoins.

Instant Data

Protect changes in payments thanks to instant data withdrawn from the stock exchange.


With BitraSec security software, your security is at the highest level.

Quick Transactions

Pay even if you are in space. Meet a faster and safer world.

Bitranium Technology Developer Team

A revolutionary technology, each designed by Turkish entrepreneurs who are experts in their fields and implemented together with developers in America, India, Azerbaijan, Russia, China and South Korea.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a section for you from the most important problems we usually encounter.

Bitranium is a technology company that works with the Blockchain BitraChain, Coini BitraCoin and payment gateway BitraPay developed with its own team to make the Blockchain and DeFi Ecosystem usable in daily life.

We have created BitraScan for you to examine the transfer tracking, mining blocks and many more features of BitraCoin created on BitraChain, which is completely owned by Bitranium Teknoloji A.Ş. You can reach from this BitraScan

Bitranium Technology makes a distribution policy to its users via the system we call Cloud Mining over the website or phone application. By offering 2 BitraCoins a day, it gives +0.25 digging speed for each reference.

While mining in the Bitranium wallet, you can also increase the mining power with reference. By entering the profile section in the wallet, you can send your unique reference URL to your friends and earn more.

You can click the open wallet button on the bitranium.com site and from there you can go to the register tab and create a new wallet.

It is the process that allows you to store your BitraCoin and other crypto assets in your wallets and earn 5-10% monthly rewards to protect the value of your assets against market volatility.

No, there is no pre-sale. You can buy BitraCoin soon when it is listed on both international and local crypto exchanges.

Everything is much easier with Bitranium. At home, at work, anywhere.

Whenever you want, wherever you want, you can do all your operations with a single click.